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Standard 17: Community-level Approaches

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Note d'orientation: Protection des enfants pendant l'épidémie de COVID-19
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Child protection topic: '17 Sous-groupe : Approches au niveau communautaire'

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This case study describes a holistic, community-level approach to supporting children in, and at risk of child labour in urban areas of Amman, Jordan.
This case study describes how tailored education and psychosocial support for at-risk Syrian and Lebanese adolescent girls has helped to prevent child labour.
This case study describes (i) a comprehensive approach to service provision for children living and working on the streets in Lebanon and (ii) the main lessons learned and effective approaches of the...
This case study describes an innovative approach to care and mentoring support for adolescent girls in domestic labour in Burkina Faso.  
This case study describes a pilot project to provide comprehensive services to children in agricultural child labour and their families in the Beqaa Valley in Lebanon.
This case study describes a multi-sectoral and multi-level approach to addressing child labour in urban and semi-urban areas in Jordan.
This case study describes how mobile child-friendly spaces supported children in child labour and home-bound girls in vulnerable communities in Jordan.
This case study describes how child-friendly spaces provided holistic (prevention) activities and psychosocial support for children in child labour in Rakhine State, Myanmar.
The Child Protection Learning Brief Series aim to extract, synthesise and analyse learning on child protection risks and programme adaptation in the COVID-19 pandemic, contributing to improving...
The Community-Level Child Protection Task Force hosted a market place session and a virtual "face-to-face" meeting during the Alliance Annual Meeting. The Market Place featured a panel of CCP TF...


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