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Guidance | Participative Methodologies for Children and Youth

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Note d'orientation: Protection des enfants pendant l'épidémie de COVID-19
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Guidance | Participative Methodologies for Children and Youth

Enhancing psychosocial resilience and empowerment
Date of publication: 
18 Mar 2021


Terre des hommes
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Manuels, boîtes à outils et conseils

The infosheets attatched present Terre des hommes (Tdh) methodologies for child and youth protection, psychosocial resilience and empowerment.

These infosheets explain the specifics of each methodology, their underlying approaches, the prerequisites and necessary resources needed to operationalise them, the M&E approach, as well as a link to the Tdh MHPSS framework.

In order to facilitate understanding and dissemination of the Tdh participative methodologies, a series of 8 short briefs has been developed.

CP Practitioners
Humanitarian Field workers
CP AoR and Coordination Groups
Policy makers
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All countries

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