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Triangle Génération Humanitaire

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Triangle Génération Humanitaire

Founded in 1994, Triangle Génération Humanitaire (TGH) is a Non-Governmental organisation based in Lyon, France. TGH provides concrete solutions to alleviate the suffering of populations living in unacceptable circumstances. It fights poverty and defends social integration. It offers support to victims of conflict, natural catastrophes and other events causing precarious living conditions.

TGH has carried out numerous programmes in various countries, bringing direct and indirect support to several hundreds of thousands of people. Its actions—integrating emergency, rehabilitation and development—are characterised by a comprehensive approach of Humanitarian Assistance.

The association designs and implements programmes in collaboration with national and international partners through the identification and mobilisation of local skills and resources. This approach aims at responding as closely as possible to the needs expressed by the beneficiary populations by elaborating comprehensive and sustainable solutions leading towards the autonomy of the people benefiting from these programmes. The association adopts an environment-friendly approach in its programmes.

Based on common values of listening capacity and reactivity, the association, standing for professionalism and pragmatism, is an area where people live together, express their personal commitment and share their know-how. It wishes to preserve and value the concept of Association with the meaning of “people acting together towards the same goal, which is not one of profit sharing”. The association is run by an elected board. As a Non-Governmental Organisation, it acts freely and independently.

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