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CPMS Further Initiatives & Resources

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CPMS Further Initiatives & Resources

The CPMS endeavours to be both comprehensive and concise. In order to accomplish that goal, we have developed a set of materials that complement the handbook.

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Good news for Spanish- and French-speaking humanitarians interested in strengthening their ability to use the Child Protection Minimum Standards (CPMS) in their work. The CPMS eCourse will be available in those languages in just a few weeks.

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Download, view or purchase print copies of the CPMS

Contextualisation and Implementation

Explore our resources to contextualise and implement the CPMS in your setting- from refugee contexts to infectious disease outbreaks and beyond. Also download a case study (coming soon) that relates to your context.

CPMS Implementation Tool Kit

Working Across Sectors

Pillar 4 of the CPMS is an excellent entry point for how all Humanitarian actors contribute to the protection of children. If you’re from another sector or working with our sector, check out our microsite!

Working Across Sectors


Looking for how to measure your work? The CPMS have significantly improved the quality and measurability of child protection work in humanitarian settings. Using the Table of Indicators will help you generate, synthesise and build evidence to promote effective interventions.

CPMS Table of Indicators


View the Glossary to better understand the terminology we use in Child Protection in Humanitarian Action.


Training and E-Course

Whether you’re looking for resources to introduce the CPMS to frontline workers, onboard staff or working towards obtaining your Free CPMS E-Course Certificate the Alliance has you covered! Be sure to also check out the Learning and Development page.

CPMS Training Resources (Coming Soon)  CPMS E-Course

Awareness and Briefing

A collection of up to date materials for running a briefing, presenting on each standard, or animating a discussion using the Facilitation Notes from our video series

CPMS Briefing Pack CPMS Slide Deck (Coming soon)

Illustrations and Videos

Wanting to make your training and awareness activities more visual? Check out this collection of illustrations and icons by region or standard! Or view our fantastic collection of CPMS videos on our Alliance Youtube channel.

CPMS Illustrations CPMS Videos

Further Readings

Stay up to date with our list of regularly updated, relevant readings for each of the 28 standards and cross cutting issues.

CPMS Further Resources

Additional Materials

Useful information


To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.