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Call for a Moratorium on Intercountry Adoption in Response to the Conflict in Ukraine

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Call for a Moratorium on Intercountry Adoption in Response to the Conflict in Ukraine

Date of publication: 
24 May 2022


The Alliance
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News Items

During emergencies, such as conflict, it is a well-accepted principle of States’ obligations under international law that adoption is not an appropriate response for unaccompanied and separated children. Children separated from their parents during a humanitarian emergency cannot be assumed to be orphans. Until the fate of a child's parents or other close relatives can be verified, each separated child should be considered as still having living relatives or legal guardians and, therefore, is not in need of adoption.

Therefore, the Alliance and over 40 endorsing entities have issued a joint call for a moratorium on intercountry adoption in response to the conflict in Ukraine in line with the Ukrainian Government’s suspension of intercountry adoption. 

Please share this call widely and do not hesitate to reach out to the Alliance Secretariat for more information.

*Special Notice* This statement remains open for endorsement until the end of June 2022. As new endorsements come in, the statement will be updated once a week. New endorsements should be sent to info@alliancecpha.org, with the name of the organization and a high-resolution logo.


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