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The Alliance is truly "more than the sum of its parts". While each member plays an important, individualised role in protecting children, our combined skills and experience allow us to greatly increase our impact. Together we can do better. Join us and apply for one of our free memberships today! 

Detailed Eligibility Criteria

General Members

All NGOs (local, national, regional and international), community and faith-based organisations, UN agencies, networks, partnerships, nongovernmental donors, academic and learning institutions can become general members of the Alliance. General members are invited to participate in events organised by the Alliance. They can also lead or participate in Working Groups or Task Forces. Apply for General Membership here

Core Members

Open to the General members (generally organisations enrolled in The Alliance’s Working Groups and Tasks Forces), Core membership is limited to 21 agencies. Core members form the Alliance’s Steering Committee. Core members set the strategic direction of the Alliance and partake in all major decision-making, including formation of the governance structure. Apply for Core Membership here

Associate Members

All individuals (including independent consultants) and governments (including governmental donors) can be associate members of the Alliance. Organisations that do not directly work in child protection, but work in a related field, can also be associate members. Associate members enjoy all the same benefits and advantages as general members, except: a) their membership of the Working Groups and Task Forces should be approved by the lead agencies of those groups; b) they cannot lead any Working Group or Task Force; and c) they cannot become Core Members. Apply for Associate Membership here

Useful information


To contact us, you can send an email to info@alliancecpha.org.