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المنظمات الأعضاء

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مذكرة فنية حول حماية الأطفال في حالة تفشي وباء الكورونا (كوفيد 19)
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المنظمات الأعضاء

يفخر التحالف بوجود أكثر من 100 منظمة ضمن أعضائه.
يمكنك التعرف من خلال هذه الصفحة على المنظمات العضوة في التحالف .كما يمكنك النقر هنا لإرسال معلومات عن منظمتك. وإذا أردت الحصول على مزيد من المعلومات حول كيفية الانضمام لعضوية التحالف، نرجو منك زيارة .صفحة العضوية.

منظمة "إسرا إيد" IsraAID  هي منظمة إسرائيلية غير حكومية دولية تأسست في عام 2001.
A Chance In Life began its mission in 1945, in the aftermath of World War II when vast numbers of orphans and vulnerable children were left living on the streets of Italy by the war, and Monsignor John Patrick Carroll-Abbing was determined to do s
Action Chrétienne Pour la Paix et le Developpement (Christian Action for Peace and Development) works for the improvement of the immediate and sustainable living conditions of vulnerable people in The Democratic Republic of Congo.
Created in 1979, Action contre la Faim is fighting against hunger in the world.
Advocacy for Child Relief (ACR) is an independent, nonpartisan, non-governmental organisation which is incorporated under the laws of Uganda.  It was founded by a group of young Ugandan children wellness activists and professionals in response to
We are an independent, not for profit, Pan-African Institute of policy research and dialogue on the African child.
"AAs" - meaning "Hope", in Hindi, is devoted to "establishing the hope for positive change in the society". It is the endeavour of AAs to serve and make the society more capable to face challenges of deprived ones, especially women and children.
Alpha and Omega Reconciliation and Peace Building (AREPEB) is a voluntary, national non-profit making NGO committed to peace building, conflict transformation, promotion of human rights and good governance, humanitarian activities and love for hum
Article iii Group was established in 2014 to ensure that the protection and participation rights of children in Malawai are realized.


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